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Who is Sorma

Founded in 1950 in Venice, Sorma S.p.a is dedicated to the distribution of cutting tools for the metalworking industry and cutting and grinding tools for stone, glass, ceramics, metal and composite materials. Innovation has always been Sorma’s trump card to offer the highest quality products to the market, associated with excellent service. It is present with its products in 57 countries and has a hundred employees in Venice headquarters.

Today the Sorma Group, in addition to the investment in Sorma Iberica, has a subsidiary in Marnaz (France), the company “Bema”. The Sorma Group has an ambitious development plan aimed at guaranteeing better customer service in its territory.

Its product lines include private labels such as: Nikko Tools (mechanical fastening solutions), Osawa (bits and integral milling cutters) and Sorma (abrasives and superabrasives). Since 1978 it has been collaborating with the Japanese company Yamawa, leader in threading solutions, of which it is Master Distributor in the Italian market.

In 2017, Sorma inaugurated a new 4,000 m² Logistics Center, designed with a system that adopts Industry 4.0 standards. In fact, the Sorma Logistics Center is equipped with a 100% computerized system that minimizes the margins of error and improves efficiency in the collection and dispatch of goods. Its geographical position, just a few kilometers from Venice Marco Polo Airport, makes it a strategic point near the headquarters of the main international transport companies. This allows us to maximize the daily shipping hours, to offer customers an increasingly flexible service.



Founded in 1923, Yamawa is a Japanese company among the world leaders in the production of threading tools. Its 4 production sites in Yonezawa, Fukushima, Aizu, Tsusumi, in Japan, ensure a production capacity of more than 1,600,000 tools/month. A characteristic of Yamawa’s production is excellence, achieved through a well-defined protocol that provides, among others, triple quality control on 100% of production.

Throughout the world, from aerospace to automotive, shipbuilding to machine tools, household appliances to electronics and much more, the Yamawa brand is recognized as synonymous with the highest quality tools, capable of delivering a very high and constant performance over time.

In addition to being the first Japanese tap manufacturer to obtain ISO9001 certification, Yamawa has always invested heavily in Research and Development and its production quality control system, while never losing sight of environmental impact.

ounder Jokichi Watanabe named the company “YA” “MA” “WA”, which stands for “Greater Prosperity, More Togetherness”. In these words, it still resonates his desire: with the prosperity of the company, harmony flourishes among the people who make it up.

Yamawa Europe S.p.a has been active since January 2016, allowing the company to be even closer to the European market with the potential of the entire range and the experience accumulated over a century of history. Yamawa Europe is headquartered in Venice (Italy), where the Yamawa Academy is also located, an equipped space that is a European benchmark for theoretical-practical training in threading and Yamawa products. The high- tech meeting room and test lab accommodate up to 40 people, also offering the possibility of remote training.

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