New promotion Kit Tap + Drill

Sorma Ibérica presents a new promotion in kit format consisting of Yamawa taps and Osawa drill bits.

The promotion is focused on publicizing two lines of Yamawa thread taps for different types of customers and/or situations;

-the latest generation “VU” taps and part of Yamawa’s Z-Pro Series, the latest in high-performance taps from Japan. Made of PM – powder steel metal, this tap has a specific geometry to be able to thread different materials and perfectly evacuate its different types of chips thanks to its wide slots, as well as increase productivity thanks to its versatility of medium-high cutting speeds. It is a tap oriented for those who need a multipurpose tool or who needs to improve their productivity in Iso P, Iso M, Iso K and Iso N.

-The blue ring “VA” tap, part of the Material Specific Series, is a tap widely recognized among Yamawa customers for its excellent performance in stainless steels and low and medium carbon alloy steels. Made of Hss-E and vaporised, it has a specific geometry for Iso M, from Aisi 304 to 316. Designed for customers looking for reliability even in the most conventional machines.

Sorma Ibérica presents the “VU” Kit and the “VA” Kit with their respective taps in M6, M8 and M10. These are accompanied by the three drill bits for the previous diameters. The bits are the same for both kits; the 355HPU of our Osawa brand. Tools made of hard metal, 5xD in length, coated and with internal cooling. These are drill bits with universal application since they offer, due to their cutting geometry and treatment, the ability to obtain excellent performance in steels, stainless steels, cast irons, super alloys and non-ferrous materials.

The promotion lasts until July 31, 2024.



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